perlbrew is a tool to download, build, install, and manage one or more perl. Some use cases of perlbrew:

  1. Recent perl version is needed to use various modules in CPAN.

  2. The perl packaged by the distro is outdated (but still maintained).

  3. Want to have it's own perl interpreter in $HOME

  4. Just want to try the latest perl.

  5. Curiosity

perlbrew installation and uses are described in CPAN.

Combined with local::lib, this should be a bliss for anyone who needs to use multiple version of perl in the same system. I have just installed perlbrew and use it to install perl 5.12.3. Before that, I have already a local::lib installation with perl 5.12.2. I will post an update later if any problem arises or whatever happends.